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LIve Loud

Higher Frequency is an extracts and infused pre roll company focused on clean cannabis at an affordable price that still tastes good. With so many choices on the market of Washington State, Where do you start? What is important?


Its great if it gets you high and tastes amazing, first it has to work. Higher Frequency cartoirdges are all Jupiter C-Cell Technology.  A 360˚ heating coil embedded in porous ceramic. Continuous saturation. Uniform heating. No burning. This type of technology also helps to minimize leaks. 

The process of the OIl

Why CO2?  Solvents are important. Maybe its not a topic of discussion now, however Higher Frequency is future focused, looking at lasting impact for over all health and well being. CO2 Extraction can be considered a green extraction, as Carbon Dioxide is created naturally by the air we exhale.  Its also non flammable and non toxic, keeping our team members safe  while making these products as well as our consumers that use them. 

Perhaps one of the largest benefits to CO2 Extraction is its ability to extract dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes. The marijuana plant has over 110 identified cannabinoids and hundreds of terpenes and flavonoids 

Strain Specific and Experience Specific

Higher Frequency offers consumers the option of having strain specific cartridges as well as experience specific cartridges such as Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. 

lil louds -the mini infused pre roll

Take .35 grams of full flower pre roll, paint it in CO2 Extracted Distillate and roll it in kief and you have  a single serve pre roll that is a Lil LOUD.