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Transdermal Pain Balm

 Transdermal Pain Balm is the ultimate no mess convenience for a THC infused topical. Made with pure CO2 Extracted, pesticide free cannabis oil, KODA Cannabalm is the necessity to have in your pain management arsenal at all times. Smooth, no fuss deodorant style container is perfect for on the go and easy application.  Made with the finest ingredients such as Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Shea Butter.  

Transdermal muslce cream

Topicals can be tricky, in a sea of products deeply focused on price, (think fast food versus fine dining) topicals try to entice you with deep discounted prices. KODA is about quality, we are not fast food. Our muscle cream is formulated for performance with ingredients that are of quality and not quantity. Organic Beeswax, Organic Shea and Grapeseed Oil. This rich,  THC/CBD Infused, Deep tissue, transdermal cream assists in pain management, soreness and muscle fatigue. Ingredients are designed for optimum  Bioavailability , allowing immediate absorption into circulation.  This cream provides a warm and cooling affect with a soothing menthol essence. Can also provide relief of minor skin irritations.  

sweetgrass daytime moisturizer

Drench your skin in moisture rich THC infused

Targeted to provide a power boost of moisture to your face and body. Infused with premium pesticide free CBD and THC oils, this thick, rich lotion is made from the finest ingredients in our cosmetic grade facility. Sweet Grass lotion contains Hyaluronic acid, a very powerful humectant that attracts and holds on to water, making it the ultimate skin moisturizer. By hydrating the skin and keeping it moist, this lotion can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and can give skin a more youthful appearance. Can provide relief for minor skin irritations such as sun burn. 

lavender nighttime moisturizer

THC infused, CBD enriched,  Lavender Nighttime Nourishment lotion allows you to bask In calming comfort before bed. Formulated with lavender, grape, and sesame oil along with other natural ingredients, this lotion contains a high concentrate of fatty acids and antioxidants. Wake up to your nourished best skin. Can provide relief for minor skin irritations.  

Lip Balm

 Kissable lips have never been so achievable! Pesticide free THC infused and CBD enriched, KODA Lip Balm is made from the finest ingredients such as organic white beeswax, organic shea butter, and organic grape seed oil. Our lip balm locks in moisture and includes peppermint, a natural plumping ingredient. A hint of passion fruit flavor sets your lips up for the perfect kiss or maybe two. Perfect for chapped lips as a result of weather and or medical conditions.   


 KODA Suppositories are pharmaceutical grade and designed for full transdermal Bioavailability, meaning that the Cannabis Oil in this product is able to enter into circulation.

Most Suppositories are made with Cocoa Butter, long known for its nourishing properties for skin. However Cocoa butter has a very low melting point, which results in a suppository that falls apart prior to use and drains out after use, causing leakage without any lasting affect of the Cannabis Oil. 

KODA uses a hard fat base that will not instantly dissolve, allowing time for the product to effectively enter into the bloodstream. Our suppositories are loaded with Limonene and Linatool terpenes, both widely known for their incredible health benefits. 

We are not the cheapest suppository on the market, we are however focused on a clean, effective productive that is formulated to pharmaceutical standards and designed to maintain your body's PH levels. Our mission is to help you make good choices about what goes in your body.