Dynamic Processors

Producing Great Brands in washington state

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Services Offered


CO2 Extraction

Let Dynamic do the work. We offer full extraction services for Producers/Processors in Washington State. Whether your needs are for intermittent overflow,  regular production or one time projects, we have the equipment and scheduling to meet all of your demand. 

SUB Critical Extraction ( TERPS!!!)

We house extraction equipment that can pull your terps for you! Our equipment can run Sub Critical runs allowing you to get all your terpenes extracted and use them for your products. 

Secondary Processing

We offer everything you need to get your products on the shelf. Winterization, Distillation, cartridge filling and many other processes to bring your brand to life.


Need help getting your business set up? Dynamic Processors offers consulting services for everything you need in your I502 Processing Facility. Our team of experts can help you get your business off the ground or brush up on some new industry techniques. 

White Labeling

Want to bring your brand to life in the Washington State I502 Market? We have been doing this for incredible brands Like Mary's and Jane West since 2017. Let us bring your brand to life in the PNW!